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Vegas Content Studio

We make it impossible for you to fail at content

We specialize in helping businesses, influencers, and content creators bring their vision to life through video and podcasts.

Our 2,000 square foot creative studio space is designed for photography, videography, podcasting, and content creation. Built by a team of dedicated professionals, our studio offers six unique rental options.

Ideal for photo, video, or podcast recording, our studio rooms and high-end production gear are available for hourly rental.

Membership options are available for discounted rates.

All-in-one podcast experience for $199

Let us handle everything from the setup to the recording and editing. We do it all! 

3-camera setup, up to 4 guests, custom lighting, and more! 

Book your session, show up to record, and get your fully-edited podcast the next day… it’s that easy!

Who We Serve

Ambitious Content Creators

For people who love making amazing content and want to become successful online.

It’s important to have access to a professional studio where you can create!

Having extra resources and team to help, we make your content even better!

If you are just starting out and want to become popular influencers or online coaches this is for you!

Established Influencers

You’re already very popular online and have many followers who listen to you.

You worked hard to this point and want the special benefits and personalized services to make their your even better and keep your followers interested.

You appreciate getting help with planning your content and getting extra resources to make it even more engaging.

You want to make sure they are doing their best to connect with their followers and provide them with valuable content!

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

You understand the value convenience of a professional team that has your back, as it allows you to focus on delivering valuable content to your clients. 

You want to be part of an exclusive  community of like minded individuals and have private access to a studio where you can record your videos or lessons to share with your clients online!

What are others saying about us...

Beyond amazing!!!! Chris is so cool and amazing very knowledgeable and funny he makes podcasting easy. With multiple content rooms you can shoot anything and the price is some of the best prices I ever had in las. Vegas! We found our new content/ Podcast Home Thank you Chris
Terrance J
Influencer / Podcast Host
Amazing space. Sound , and video quality. Chris is the goat. Will always return to film my podcast episodes!!
Taelor K
Podcast Host / Coach
Chris was fantastic. Super accommodating and friendly, with a great space. Definitely made it a simple process and looking forward to going back!
Ian C
Podcast Producer
This place is amazing just like Chris!!!
Dom Kilam (Jeffery Mcbride)
Entreprenuer | Author | Speaker
This has not only saved us valuable time and resources but has also significantly improved our overall marketing performance $
Steph Egger
Brand Strategist
Finding this studio was a game-changer! Finally, I'm excited about creating content. The affordable rates, versatile setup, and professional environment make every recording session a joy. Thank you for reigniting my passion!
Kristen M.
Therapist - Online Creator

How To Book With Us

Schedule the time and day of your podcast


Show Up and Record

Arrive 10 minutes prior and start your podcast


Get Your Files

Everything will be in a shared file after your podcast.